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One hour, three thought leaders discussing the application of manufacturing analytics to enable Industry 4.0 success.

     Ram Ramasamy                         Dr. Lloyd Colegrove                              Jonathan Alexander
   Frost & Sullivan                     The Dow Chemical Company                 Albemarle Corporation 


Artificial intelligence…virtual reality…augmented reality…IIoT…additive manufacturing…M2M…RFID technologies. These are but a few of the technologies that come to mind when Industry 4.0 is mentioned. But at its core - and critical to achieve success with Industry 4.0 - is a singular, key enabling, even foundational technology: manufacturing analytics.

They will share their hard-earned best practices and quantified benefits related to implementing and establishing sustainable manufacturing analytics. Join us to learn:

  • Why manufacturing analytics are the Industry 4.0 enabler
  • Foundational analytics vs. later-stage analytics
  • Enabling organizations for success
  • Technology considerations
  • Real-world results, ROI


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