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"Can you guarantee me we are making good product right now?"

Paul Burlingame, President and CEO of Air Liquide Advanced Materials, used to ask this question regularly to plant operators.

The answer? A resounding "no."

They, like a lot of companies, would know if product was good a few days later, once analytical results came in- AFTER it was completed and too late to do anything about it.  

Air Liquide decided that was not good enough.

Air Liquide sought out and found a system that would change the answer from no, to "yes, I can guarantee we are making good product, right now- let me show you".  This shift not only allows them stay competitive and make good product, but to exceed their customer expectations. 

In this webinar by ARC Advisory Group, Mr. Burlingame will share Air Liquide's journey to Digital Transformation, including triumphs and challenges along the way.

"We've gone from an organization that had world class fire-fighters to an organization today  that is proactively detecting shifts prior to them becoming problems"
-Paul Burlingame


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